Agent Managers Application for BVN Enrolment

Closing Date:- Closed

Agent Managers must have the following minimum requirements;

  1. Shall be a duly registered Nigerian firm/limited liability company or an enterprise that will be incorporated within 6 months of winning the bid.
  2. Agent Managers may be a CBN licensed Super-Agent.
  3. Presence in the following geographical locations (North East, North West and North Central).
  4. Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association/ Business registration certificate (whichever is applicable)
  5. Evidence of payment of tax in the last one (1) year.
  6. Comprehensive Company profile including registered address, functional contact email address, website address and GSM phone Number(s).
  7. Minimum of 10 existing agents.
  8. Must have at least one agent 5km radius in communities.
  9. Ability to procure adequate laptops for the purpose of BVN capture.
  10. Any additional information that will enhance the success of the company / business entity in the application to provide agent manager service.
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