mCASH is a simple payment solution that allows payment for goods and services to retail merchants via the use of a mobile phone.

How It Works

The Payer’s phone number is used to retrieve his/her bank(s) and account numbers when a string is dialed or a push service is initiated. The mCASH USSD session is zero rated and will work on any mobile phone whether its feature or smart phone.
• Used to Facilitate low-value retail payments
• An accessible payment channel to entrance financial inclusion

Target Market

  • Retail Merchants
  • Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
  • Financial Institutions

Unique Value Proposition

  • mCASH is live on 19 Banks
  • mCASH is available on all 4 Telecoms Operators in Nigeria
  • Other Institutions can integrate their unique USSD codes to the mCASH payment gateway


  • Mobile (USSD and Apps)
  • Web via mCASHPAY
  • POS via mCASHPAY

Coming Soon

Onboarding Requirements & Steps

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What is mCASH?

Answer: mCASH is a solution for Sellers to receive Payments from Payers using their mobile phones. The Seller will be required to have a Seller Code.

How do I pay with mCASH payment?

Answer: Simply dial *402*SellerCode*Amount# or dial *402# and select “make payment”

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