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The perfect secure bulk payment web portal for Corporates, Government Ministries and Financial Services Providers for electronic and same day clearing of bulk credits.

Payment Services


NIBSS PAY is a front-end application that processes bulk payments for remittances, salaries and other multi-beneficiary payment purposes.

Bulk payments processing for the modern enterprise

Unique Value proposition

  • Available to customers as a secure web portal with 2FA or via the service APIs.
  • Account Validation: Allows Account numbers Validate prior to payment.
  • Transaction Status notification

Touch Points

Web Portal
API Integration

How it works

The basic architecture of the product is ‘debiting one account to credit one or multiple accounts’. The account to be debited is referred to as the ‘Funding Account’ which is profiled on the NAPS platform by the Customer’s Bank; alternatively, the NEFT & NIP platform can also be used to process bulk payments.


  • PSSPs (Aggregators)
  • Corporates
  • Government and MDAs
  • Banks and OFIs

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