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Name Enquiry

Give your customers peace-of-mind and assurance over account details with photos like no other. Validate up to 500,000 records; file size up to 10mb; with First, Middle and Last name authentication.

Data & Identity Services

Name Enquiry

Name Enquiry service allows a payer to confirm the accuracy of the Bank customer’s account details on a payment or non-payment platform before conducting a financial or non-financial transaction.

Confirm the accuracy of the Bank customer’s account details

Unique Value Proposition

Name Enquiry ensures the sender verifies the designated account names before initiating a credit and this guarantees that funds are received by the intended beneficiaries.

Touch Points

  • API Integration
  • Web Portal – NIBSSPAY

How it works

There are three types of Name Enquiry services;

  • Name Enquiry Vanilla – This service is for single validations but can validate up to 10 accounts at a time.
  • Name Enquiry with Picture – This service provides the picture in addition to the name attached to the inputted account number. This is strictly for individual accounts that are active.
  • Bulk Name Enquiry – This service takes up to 500,000 records or a file size up to 10mb and returns the First Middle and Last name of the valid account number(s) to the user.


  • DMBs & OFIs
  • PSSPs & MMOs
  • Fintechs & Social Service Companies

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