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Active employee or pensioner verification now reassured to negate personnel falsification; 100% certainty of customer presence at verification location or service channel.

Data & Identity Services


VerifyNow is a service designed to facilitate the seamless verification of the Aliveness and Presence of individuals.

Pensioner Identity Accuracy

Unique Value Proposition

The “VerifyNow” services provide seamless, convenient and reliable verification of individuals for all stakeholders and organisations

Touch Points

  • Bank Branches and Designated Verification Centers
  • Front-end Portal (in view)

How it works

The service employs biometric matching of an individual’s fingerprints to existing BVN records in order to confirm that the individual is alive and present at the location where the verification was conducted. NIBSS has partnered with Banks and licensed stakeholders to conduct “I’m Alive” verification at designated geospatial locations nationwide.


  • Federal, State and Local Governments MDAs
  • Large Corporate and Organizations
  • Pensioners and Retirees

Our Partners