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NIBSS Instant Payment

The evolution of technology : Give your customers a faster and more efficient account number base, online real-time Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) platform with Transaction Status Query (TSQ) offering. Available on multiple channels.

Payment Services

NIBSS Instant Payment

NIBSS Instant Payments (NIP) is an efficient person to person; a person to business; business to business funds transfer service that guarantees instant value to beneficiaries

Lightning speed transfers

Unique Value Proposition

  • NIP is Nigeria’s first, most efficient and reliable real-time funds transfer service.
  • NIP can be seamlessly integrated to the channels of financial institutions

Touch Points

  • Mobile & Internet Banking, POS & ATM
  • USSD
  • Web and internet platforms
  • Agent and third party channels

How it works

NIP is an account-based, online real-time Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) platform. It enables financial institutions to provide online real-time funds transfer services to their customers through all available electronic channels.


  • Banks and OFIs
  • Fintechs and MMOs
  • PSSPs

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