NIBSS Direct Debit (NDD)


NIBSS Direct Debit

NIBSS Direct Debit (NDD) Is A Data Repository For Financial And Non-Financial Mandate Instructions As Well As Other Affiliated Services Issued By A Subscriber To A Biller, Service Provider Or An Institution.

Mandate Instructions Handled Brilliantly

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Unique Value Proposition

NDD offers an automated debit of bank account(s) for the fulfillment of the contract (mandate) between the customer of a subscriber or biller. The service provides the following functionalities: User management, mandate management, transaction management, report management, and billing management.

Touch Points

  • Mobile & Internet Banking, POS & ATM
  • USSD
  • Web & internet platforms
  • Agent & third party channels

How It Works

CMMS features a calendar system that determines when a mandate instruction is due for activation through an initial setup by a subscriber and an institution. Mandates could either be in a paper or electronic form. Direct Debit (ADD) facilitates the remote debiting of bank account triggered through CMMS; this is pre-configured based on the following mandate type; 

  • Fixed Mandate – fixed amounts and frequencies of debits to the subscriber’s bank account(s).
  • Global Standing Instruction – for recovery of defaulted funds from multiple bank accounts, using the subscribers' BVN * Variable Mandate – for variable amounts and/or frequencies of debits a subscriber’s bank account(s).
  • Service & Utility Companies
  • Banks, MMOs & OFIs
  • Fintechs & PSSPs
  • Pension, Insurance & Credit Companies

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