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NIBSS operates a corporate Training Center, providing specialized Electronic Payments courses for the personnel of Banks, other corporate entities, government agencies and interested stakeholders in the Nigerian Financial Space. We run open courses for interested participants at regular intervals and also organize corporate programs for specific organizations on request. View and register for the available November 2022 training courses below. For inquires/support, kindly contact: 012716089, 09062438560, [email protected]
Legal & Regulatory Framework of Electronic Payment Systems (December 8 - 9, 2022)
Course Modules
  • Global Overview of E‐Payment Systems Legal & Regulatory Landscape
  • Key Legal & Regulatory Issues in E‐Payment Transactions (Online/Offline)
  • Impact of Emerging Technology on Regulation
  • Best Practices to Harness Opportunities of the E‐Payment Regulatory Environment
  • Gain a contextual understanding of the need for regulation.
  • Be abreast of the legal and regulatory framework and laws guiding electronic payments.
  • Be able to utilize the legal and regulatory framework knowledge for an e‐payment business advantage.
  • Be able to identify key legal issues that pose risks to the achievement of business objectives.
N100,000.00 /Month
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