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NIBSS operates a corporate Training Center, providing specialized Electronic Payments courses for the personnel of Banks, other corporate entities, government agencies and interested stakeholders in the Nigerian Financial Space. We run open courses for interested participants at regular intervals and also organize corporate programs for specific organizations on request. View and register for the available March 2022 training courses below. For inquires/support, kindly contact: 012716089, 09062438560, [email protected]
Identity And Access Management Applications & Operations (May 16 - 18, 2022)
Course Modules
  • Introduction to Identity & Access Management
  • Tools and Techniques for Managing Identity in the New Digital
  • Nigeria Financial Industry Identity and Access Management Operations
  • Risk Management in Identity & Access Management
  • Review of Policies, Guidelines and Regulations on Identity Management/Data Protection(NDPR)
  • The BVN Enrollment Process Flow
  • Identification VAS Services
  • Explain the importance of identity and access management framework
  • Identify new methodologies for quick customer identity and authentication
  • Utilize the different mechanisms for proper customer identification and strong
  • Authentication for privacy and prevention of identity theft
  • Apply concepts taught to assess and mitigate risks associated with its various deployment options to protect business assets and reduce losses.
  • Understand the BVN Enrollment process flow
N120,000.00 /Month
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Harnessing Data Analytics in Banking & Financial Services for Business Optimization (May 18 - 20, 2022)
Course Modules
  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Data Analysis Tools and Techniques
  • Data Visualization Techniques for Financial Institutions
  • Systematic utilization of data for improved business performance.
  • Analyze data to generate strategic business insights.
  • Leverage transactional data to develop business ideas for innovative services.
N150,000.00 /Month
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E‐Business as a Competitive Advantage ‐ Industry Review & Strategic Insights (May 20, 2022)
Course Modules
  • The Evolving Payment Systems Landscape
  • Comparative Analysis on Industry and Global Payment Services
  • Strategic Thinking for Decision Making
  • Gain better insights into the evolving payment systems
  • Identify e‐business opportunities for business growth
N50,000.00 /Month
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