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NIBSS operates a corporate Training Center, providing specialized Electronic Payments courses for the personnel of Banks, other corporate entities, government agencies and interested stakeholders in the Nigerian Financial Space. We run open courses for interested participants at regular intervals and also organize corporate programs for specific organizations on request. View and register for available SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER training courses below. For inquires/support, kindly contact: 012716089, 09062438560, [email protected]
Payment System Digitalization - Technology Trends, Strategy & Opportunities for OFIs (SEPT. 21-22)
Course Modules
  • Overview of Digital Transformation in Financial Services Industry
  • Understanding Digital Financial Services & Business Process Integration
  • Developing E-Business/Payment Marketing Strategies
  • BackOffice Processing, Settlement & Reconciliation of E-Channels Payment Services
  • Risk Management in Back Office Operations
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework of the Nigeria Payment System
  • Understanding the inherent risk in digital payments processing
  • Mitigating identity thefts and optimizing identity validation management systems
  • Maximizing the benefits of interconnectivity and interoperability of the Nigeria payments system
  • Understanding global best practices in digital financial intermediation
N80,000.00 /Month
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